Stinging Nettles and info on mordants

Posted on May 29th, by jane in ink. Comments Off on Stinging Nettles and info on mordants

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.06.52 PMToday I visited Cherrie Corey’s garden and we gathered stinging nettles from all around her garden.  Now I am boiling the leaves and roots separately, with no mordants right now.  If this doesnt work, I’ll try a copper mordant with the leaves and maybe tin with the root…


Some good info I found while researching stinging nettle root dyes:

Mordants: water-soluble chemicals, usually metallic salts, which create a bond between dye and fiber thus increasing the adherence of various dyes to the item being dyed

Alum Brightens the colors obtained from a dye source
Iron/Coppers Darkens/saddens hues, produces blacks, brown, gray
Copper vitriol Improves likelihood of obtaining a green hue
Tin Produces bright colors especially yellows, oranges, reds

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