Field Talks: Jeff Cramer

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This week’s Field Talk was with Jeff Cramer, Curator of Collections at The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods in Lincoln.  Jeff is really one of the most prolific and thoughtful Thoreau scholars and his annotated Walden has been at the heart of my ongoing Thoreau reading this season…  We talked about where one can find Thoreau (in the places he wrote about, the objects he lived with, his books, or his manuscripts), about how paradoxical and unexpected he could be (not so much an environmentalist who wanted to save wilderness, but someone who wanted to create and preserve public lands that we all can have access to so as to be able to walk from here to there).  We looked at one of the three daguerreotypes taken of him for fans, a beam from his house at Walden, a scarlet oak leaf botanical specimen, and some manuscripts.  Some texts will be forthcoming shortly…

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