readings for a blind bird

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readings for a blind bird
Thursday August 15 4-6:30
A moment of intersection between two complementary practices, each its own kind of inquiry into how we as artists and citizens come to know our own ecologies.

Since 2009, Judith Leemann has been producing reading aloud at the intersection of her studio, research, and teaching practices. Passages of text are stripped of citational armor and fitted one into the next to generate recursive loops of almost-story. Over the course of fourteen weeks, a new twenty-minute episode is recorded and posted weekly.

As a guest to Jane Marsching’s Field Station Concordia, Leemann will read aloud from the most recent season of reading aloud, hairy about the heel: fables for the present. Of interest to both is the possibility of surfacing new understandings of ecology (and new ecologies of understanding) by allowing their practices to briefly collide.

Guests are invited to listen along, and to bring drawing materials or handwork to occupy them as they listen.

Part 1 of a 2 part series.

blind bird b

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