morning work

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Some last days of foraging for objects to print in the deCordova terrain–weeds, tree leaves, tree fruits, a few flowers…  I’ll be deinstalling in a couple of weeks, taking the Field Station down, putting the flatpack built elements into the studio to begin the long work of reconfiguring the Station into a Press, archiving the many threads of the project, and imagining the form/function/production of the monthly journals of the Field Press.

One very interesting thought today:talking with Libby Elwood about how difficult, really impossible, it has been to get people to talk at all about climate change, tho they will talk about any bit of nature at length and with passion.  How I consider this to be a real central failure of the primary mission of the project (tho it definately had too many missions, as usual for my work) and Libby’s thoughtful response was: that is a result.  From her perspective as a scientist, every calculation of data has a result–and quantity being more or less, all or none, is no more or less just results.  I was really struck by this thought–which encapsulates everything about why I make my work the way I do.  I joked that I could archive this as an issue of the journal entitled No Results Available–an issue of blankness, refusal, failure, emptiness, turning away.


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