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Energy Exodus

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8th September

Last weekend, the Field Station marched with about a hundred people through the neighborhoods of Barnstable and down the strip mall byways of Hyannis to call on Mr. Koch to take his dirty money out of the resistance to Cape Wind.  See Energy Exodus


Brayton Point

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31st July

Thoreau and I went to Somerset, MA, to participate in a protest demanding that Gov. Deval Patrick shut down the Brayton Point Coal Power Plant and replace it with renewable energy (and green jobs for the area).  In a bit of a hurry the evening before I made this sign and it was a great conversation starter for many people who came up to me to talk about their Thoreau, journal writer, radical humanist, nature writer, etc.  I hung it in the Field Station today and am thinking about making a companion poster about Brayton Point here at the Field Station on Friday that does the same thing, creates a conversation starter about the interconnectedness of Brayton Point, the Field Station, Concord/Lincoln, etc.  Stay tuned.

More about the action at Brayton Point: Globe, Wen Stephenson


Radical action

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1st May

Wen Stephenson, climate activist, writer will be coming to the Field Station to walk Walden Pond in the footsteps of Thoreau’s radical political will, rhetoric, and action on June 20 at 1pm.  In the meantime, he has written this powerful essay on Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience and its relevance to our urgent moment on the Thoreau Society blog.