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Summer Ink

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15th September

Noni sent some images from the Summer Ink group’s ink prints in the Field Guide notebook from midsummer…

Walking Ecologies finally

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11th September


ampitheater meadow

oriental bittersweet

finally happened!

Cherrie and I led a small group across the park inquiring about plants, their stories, histories, uses, and futures:
jewelweed and poison ivy partners
jack in the pulpit fruits found
catawpa pods
ampitheater meadow
oriental bittersweet
sweet pepperbush pods
fractals in nature
baby hawk screams
spiders in hearts

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readings for a blind bird

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15th August

Judith Leemann came and read aloud for two and a half hours at the Field Station this late afternoon.  A few visitors wandered by and a few stayed to listen and work alongside Judith and I.  She read the first of two parts.  The second will occur in late September.  What happens when two artists with overlapping interests in ideas, language, making, meaning, and apophenia ally their practices?  What happens when two artists make side by side?  How is their work ampilfied, dislocated, or encumbered?  I will post the prints I made while Judith read shortly…

rain song

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7th August

Once my son wrote a song about me with the lyrics: “who doesn’t like to walk in the rain? Moommmyyyyy…” Well I am reformed. This Friday August 9 at 2pm, come to the deCordova and walk with me and Cherrie Corey, area naturalist, to discover what is there–its that simple. What grows there, how did it get there, what do we notice, what stories do we tell about our landscapes, and how are they changing?

2pm rain or shine.

I will have my wellies on.

Please join us.